Quality Cat Food & Accessories

Cat accessories that are actually tried and tested, plus genuinely healthy cat food. Our cats & kittens love them and yours will too.

Two adorable ragdoll kittens standing close to metal bowl with feed on blurred white background and looking back

The Best Brands For The Best Cats

We only stock brands that we personally believe in and that your cats will love.


Ziwi Peak

Whole-prey raw inspired recipes made with the finest New Zealand ingredients.

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Human-grade meat or fish recipes developed with a panel of specialist nutritional experts.



Great enrichment for your cat and makes those yummy meal times last even longer.


Purrs Cat Toys

Natural cat toys, made from ethically and humanely sourced materials. Cats love these!

Popular Categories

Checkout these popular categories (no pun intended) to find great products fast.

Petsbelle lumin cat bed

Cat Beds

Cats sleep 12-16 hours a day, our beds give them a comfy spot to do it in.


Litter Boxes

Much more pleasant options for the not so pleasant end of things.


Cat Food

We only stock premium, healthy cat food from the most trusted brands.


Cat Toys

A great range of toys for you to entertain and bond with your kitty.